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Chad was born a perfectly, healthy child and lived a very active childhood. He was an average student and loved sports. When he was 10 a tragedy took place that forever changed his life and the life of his family.

Chad had been saving $ for a long time to buy a go cart. I thought a go cart would be much safer than a motorcycle and eventually he was able to buy a used one. The second day of owning his go cart he was riding at his grandparents house he was hit by a car and suffered a severe head injury along with broken bones etc.His head injury was severe enough that he had to have his frontal bone removed to allow the brain to swell. Chad was inpatient for 4 months and during that time he stayed an acute patient along with rehab but never moved to rehab status.We were told that they had done all they could and we could either put him in an institution or bring him home. Needless to say we chose to bring our son home. When he came home he was in a persistent vegetative state with no response of any kind. After much love and attention he started to smile and then eventually he laughed. The first year was a nightmare because Chad was in so much pain. Many nights my wife and I would take turns holding him all night to try to help him relax enough to sleep.We were finally able to persuade the Dr.'s to get pain management involved.

After 2 years we heard of HBO and with the help of church and friends we traveled to FL to try HBO to see if it would help him. While we were in FL we heard of Ray Cralle and decided to take Chad to him to see if he could help Chad. We were amazed at the results of Ray's work. He was able to relax Chad's tight muscles in his neck and help with his severe scoliosis.Chad now laughs appropriately, eats pureed food and loves life.

We thank everybody that has helped in the past and pray that God will bless you! We are continuing with therapy as funding is available.THANK YOU! 

Robbie Yoder Family