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Letter from Donna Armacost                                                                                  


Dear Friend of Jake,

            I wrote the rough draft of this letter on our car ride home from Florida.  As I looked out the window there was a rainbow, no rain, but a rainbow.  It seemed to be there just for Jake.

            Jake worked really hard this summer with Ray.  Jake had been crying with diaper changes because of his hips and surrounding muscles.  At the end of the month, Ray made a breakthrough with Jake and now no more crying.  It is such a relief for me.  I can’t stand for Jake to have pain.  Jake’s neck had gotten so tight, but is nice & loose now.  His spine is much straighter.  Now that Jake is more comfortable in his body he can go to school and concentrate on learning.  His eyes are much brighter and he is so alert.  It was another much needed and successful month with Ray.

            I was thinking how you couldn’t possibly know how all you have done truly affects not just Jake but also me and our whole family.  When Jake feels good, it makes me happy.  My happiness trickles down to my other kids, my husband, my parents and so on.  We all rejoice in Jakes progress!  So you see it is not just a month of healing for Jake but for all of us.  Your generosity extends so far beyond what you can know.  Like when you throw a rock in the pond and the ripples go outward from the center but when they hit the shore they don’t really stop there, they send ripples back toward the middle. 

            I feel we have been fortunate in so many ways, to have Jake to love, to have a supportive family and to have you in our lives.  God is great and you are proof that prayers are answered.

            So you see, being able to have Jake see Ray means so much more than Jake’s physical healing.  I hope this makes sense.  It’s so hard to put these ideas into words that adequately express their meaning.

            To spend a month in such a healing environment is good for my soul.  To speak with other parents has its own healing properties.  These kids are such spiritual beings.  They always amaze me.  I know that God holds them in his arms everyday and our kids are so aware of that.  Ray must feel it too.  I don’t know if they are attracted to him or he is attracted to them.  Must be both.  I do know a lot more goes on than Physical Therapy! 

            I could never thank you as much as I want to!

Donna Armacost, Jacob and family