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January 2008,

 Letter from Sabrina Kimball

                  I want you to meet one of the most special people I know, my son - Greyson. He is 10 years old and suffers from a brain injury. He is a survivor and has overcome many obstacles. He is a blessing to all those who come in contact with him. He has an amazing spirit and is able to communicate his feelings to those he loves even without the ability to speak. Grey was born 5 ½ weeks premature and perfectly healthy. He scored the highest score possible on his Apgar – 9.9. He contracted bacterial meningitis when he was only 10 days old.  It was a fight to safe his life, he had to stay on I.V. antibiotics for 6 weeks. We thought the worst was behind us when we discovered that he had developed hydrocephalus (swelling around the brain). He had to a have shunt put in his brain when he was technically 3 months old. It was a traumatic surgery but God was good and he came through it very well. Since that time, Grey has had several problems to overcome. He has developmental delays; he is not talking or walking yet. He suffers from digestive problems as well as muscle spasticity. The spasticity has caused both his hips to dislocate and recently started causing him to have a lot of pain in his hips and legs. To avoid surgery and relieve his pain we are hoping to take Grey back down to see Ray Cralle.

                  When we met Mr. Cralle for the first time we were amazed by his gift. We borrowed money to take Grey down to his clinic for a month. It was wonderful. During that time, he was able to get Grey’s muscles to relax and move more freely. It was intense and difficult therapy at times but Grey trusted Mr. C completely. During these sessions, he had Grey moving his legs and sitting crossed legged with out difficulty. Mr. C has worked with several children like Grey, with dislocated hips and muscle spasticity and relieved their discomfort by retraining their muscles. At the time, we wanted to continue with more therapy for Grey but due to finances and logistics it was impossible to do.

                  Since then, I have tried to find someone comparable to Mr. C in our area. No luck. We have searched high and low and no one has the same ability to really make a difference. Due to his current problems with severe muscle contractures in his legs, we are hoping to get him down to see Mr. C as soon as possible. We feel it would be to his best advantage.

                  We are blessed to have Medicaid but are very limited as to what it will cover. Medicaid is decided by financial need instead of personal need and it limits your earning potential, making it difficult to help with alternative therapies. That is how they view, Mr. Cralle’s type of therapy, alternative.  Thankfully, he is dedicated to helping special need individuals and has started Hope Springs, Inc. A non-profit that will help parents and others pay for this treatment for as long as the person needs that help. It is such wonderful news. Finally, with your assistance Grey can get the help he needs for as long as he needs it. Please, help me help him. Send your donations to Hope Springs in Greyson Kimball’s name and they will set up a trust for his use. To ask for help, is one of the most difficult things a parent has to do. But when you love your child you want to give them every opportunity in life. You will be planting a seed into his life and enabling him to grow.

We want to “Thank you” for your time in reading this letter and hopefully your support. Please, open your hearts and help us raise the funds needed to help Grey. It will be greatly appreciated.



Sabrina Kimball